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Saint-Gobain provides details on silicone formulations and properties, sealing capabilities and solutions for your information. To download, you can simply filter by your industry and preferred product characteristics. 

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Covison® Compound Solutions for composite manufacturing assistance

Covison® low compression set compound S60V54B brochure with excellent temperature resistance and compression set

PDF | 2 pages | 629.8 KB
Compound solutions for composite manufacturing assistance
Covison® Foam Solutions

Covison® high temperature foam 3746 for battery, lighting, electronic boxes and other applications brochure

PDF | 2 pages | 372.84 KB
Covison foam solutions for automotive, lighting, and industrial industries
Covison® Oven & Autoclave Seals

Covison® oven and autoclave seals brochure

PDF | 4 pages | 1.34 MB
Covison® oven and autoclave seals
Covison® Rail Seals

Covison® Rail Seals

PDF | 4 pages | 1.88 MB
Covison® rail seals
Change Notification and Communication Policy

In order to maintain compliance to regulatory expectations relevant to the quality management of the supply chain and the Quality Agreements established.

PDF | 2 pages | 117.36 KB
SOP-FLS-CORP-0063 Change Notification and Communication Policy Rev 1
Covison® Lighting Seals

Covison® lighting seals brochure

PDF | 4 pages | 1.52 MB
Covison lighting seals
Covison® Non-Residential Construction Seals

Covison® non-residential construction seals brochure

PDF | 6 pages | 4.7 MB
Covison® non residential construction seals
Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Quality Manual

SGLS sector of activity considers quality, compliance, and employee health and safety as indispensable core values in providing safe, effective products.

PDF | 26 pages | 15.15 MB
SOP-FLS-CORP-0032 Life Sciences Quality Manual Rev 3 effective 13JAN22
Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Quality Policy

This Quality Policy applies to all products, quality systems, and compliance-related business processes of the SGLS business.

PDF | 1 page | 301.58 KB
Life Sciences Quality Policy Rev 5
Silicone compound 3016 in foam

Silicone compound 3016 - white color and 0.6 Shore A for the non-residential construction and other industries

PDF | 1 page | 19.83 KB
Technical data sheet for silicone compound 3016 in foam for the non residential construction and other industries

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