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Saint-Gobain develops innovative, sustainable, and high-quality seals that can enhance your product safety and performance so that your customers have a pleasant experience.

COVISON® - High-Performance Silicone Seals Customized to Your Needs

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences designs and produces high-performance, innovative polymer solutions and components across a wide range of industries, including biopharma, medical, food and beverage, personal care, electronics, and other industrial and consumer sectors.

Our unique service offering is the peace of mind we provide customers – built on deep material expertise, our ability to co-develop and manufacture custom solutions, a global manufacturing footprint, and comprehensive knowledge of quality and regulatory standards worldwide. Supported by over 350-years of manufacturing experience, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences is a trusted partner for consistent, reliable, and sustainable products. 

COVISON® custom silicone seals have gained global recognition for their quality, innovation, and sustainability for more than 40 years. With our expertise in silicone formulations, product development, and industry standards, we deliver advanced products for your critical applications.

With hundreds of formulations, we can deliver turnkey performance plastics for any sealing application in the automotive, food processing, industrial construction, lighting, non-residential construction and rail industries. 

At Saint-Gobain, we provide our clients with not only ready-to-use solutions but peace of mind services relating to high-performance seals.


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