A man wearing a globe seals a windowsill with a white seal profile.
A Vital Role in Protection

Sealing provides strength and protection to product surfaces, as well as noise and vibration absorption for better comfort.


Sealing is the process of joining surfaces together, where two different materials are joined. It usually uses an external substance to adhere to the surfaces of both parties being joined, while transferring forces from one party to another. This process often protects against mechanical damage as well as chemical damage during its lifetime.

Sealing Gaskets

What Is Sealing Gasket?

A seal gasket is a small piece of material used to seal two sides, and it can be anything from a sealing in hydraulic or pneumatic handling systems, gas lines, fluid piping. It also includes other gaskets that are made with materials such as silicone rubber or plastic. Industrial processes are kept safe and intact with sealing gaskets.

How Many Types Are They?

There are 2 types of sealing systems: ·

  • Static sealing: The sealing element does not move relative to another part of the equipment or machine.
  • Dynamic sealing The sealing surfaces are in motion relative to each other.


Elastomers are highly elastic, viscous polymer materials capable of recovering their original  shape after being stretched. Most elastomers must undergo a curing process of heat, irradiation or chemical reaction to become fully hardened.

polymer material

Types of Elastomers


Lower reactivity. This type predominant stability against heat, ozone, oxygen and radiation. Reactions are only triggered when the specific circumstances are met and occurring in limited numbers.

Silicone rubber is in this category.


Carbon-carbon double and triple bonds cause the elastomer to cure in a vulcanization process.

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